The Wait is FINALLY over!


These adorable and fun little pugs are a hand drawn and randomly generated set of collectibles that were inspired by a couple of real pug loving artists. (watch their story) Something special is going to happen for holders of Grumpy Pugs NFTs, something really, really special… 🐾

                1/1 RARITY

All Grumpy Pugs are unique, fun and have different personalities, like a real pug puppy. Every Grumpy Pug is hand drawn, and each has a distinctive flare about them, from their colors, backgrounds, hairstyles, eye colors and shapes, expressions, clothes, hats, piercings, shades, and much more.

We believe that like picking a puppy from a litter, you have to connect with them, it’s that ‘you’ll know it when you see it’ kind of vibe. But, to be helpful, we wanted to outline some of the genetics of the Grumpy Pugs which we broke down into these 3 categories:

  1. Fawn pug – most common and most popular.
  2. Black pug – semi-rare, rich dark colors.
  3. Brindles – rare and exotic, intentionally cross bred with the most flamboyant colors, features, and traits.

These are your Grumpy Pugs. 


Very profitable reasons to buy and hold Grumpy Pugs

  • Each holder is given ownership and commercial usage rights. This will be more valuable as the collection sells out.
  • Only original holders receive an exclusive special gift collectible via unlockable content. *It’s so cool, we thought of making it into a collection!
  • All holders are membership tokens to our GUGS club, granting access to members only benefits, including early access to new drops, giveaways, exclusive merch, and more. We’re also lining up musical groups for our first GUGS festival! (Go away COVID) 😷
  • First rights to trade-up or swap to new series. 
  • Whitelist opportunities into exciting new projects with our partners
  • Invite only into the Grumpy Pugs Metaverse. (read press release)
  • Exclusive play to earn $GUGS tokens for buying land, setting up a store, or for virtual fashion and kicks in our Metaverse. 
  • Each holder of the original series will be cast in the Grumpy Pugs movies, even being invited to the casting call for voice over roles! 🙌


Minted. Random giveaways to our community begins on Instagram, Discord, and Twitter.
NFT’s drop. Pre-sale for whitelist members opens with no limit, followed buy public sale. Base prices 0.03 ETH. All community holders will receive an especially special welcome gift from Stephanie via unlockable content. 🎁
Community holders will be invited to a special GUGS festival, BYOB, with special musical guest. Free access to all GP holders. 🎸
After first series sells out, our team is donating 2.5% to the ASPCA to help end animal cruelty and facilitate adoptions with good caring families. The community will vote on what charity to support for our next series.
Also after first series sells out, a raffle will be help that all original holders in our community can summit an entry for, one per NFT, and one amongst us will win a brand new 2022 Tesla 3. You’ll even get to pick your color, which is your favorite? Tell us on our discord under Tesla raffle.
The second series of Grumpy Pugs will arrive. This will be 3D 4k animated, versions ready for the Grumpy Pugs Metaverse. Community holders will have a chance to swap their original for the new if they wish. As VIP’s, you will also have first right to view and buy the collection, even before a pre-sale. We will put our heads together on discord so as a collective we make the most awesome collection possible.
Free entry into our official first annual Grumpy Pugs festival (COVID permitting), with speakers, music, party’s, festival specific merch, sponsors and partners to build synergy for our Grumpy Pug franchise, which will include some surprising guests and special announcements!
Utility increases with our own $GUGS tokens that will be used inside the Grumpy Pugs Metaverse. As VIP’s, you are allowed to enter first and use your $GUGS to purchase land, storefronts, event space, open your virtual fashion store, sneakers shop, concert venue, coffee shop, start your own Grumpy Pug sport team, you will be able to build whatever you want before the public is invited to join. The community will have a say in how we build and release this so that the Grumpy Pugs brand continues to grow in value. 🚀
The first film, The Grumpy Pugs Movie, will include each original holder in the movie, all 10k. Each holder will have a verified spot in the movie, time stamped to the exact time in the movie your onscreen. Could be in a close-up, could be in a large village scene, those things will be up to the films producers. But there will be a lot of perks for the community on this! 🍿
The third version of Grumpy Pugs will arrive, and will be embracing every possible advance in technology that we can, animation, music, etc. The community will have input on the direction we take on this and will have whitelist opportunities to collect the before others do. The community will also talk about other ways we can proliferate our Grumpy Pugs brand, expanding our reach into Asian markets where pugs are a royal and much beloved pet.
A second movie, The Grumpy Pugs Movie 2; The Journey to GENESIS, and all the opportunities this will open. All in the community will be behind us and the Grumpy Pugs value will have continue to soar in value to heights only apes have seen.


A Total of 10,000 unique Grumpy Pugs NFTs have been created.

Pre-sale for those on the whitelist, will be on Monday February 28, 2022, at 8am PST  [*Note: this is an adjustment due to the Opensea event] for 0.02 ETH (max 5). The pre-sale is an invite only event. You will have 24 hours to mint to avoid gas fees, to get on the presale list you must sign up via the link below. Pre-sale price will be The following morning, Tuesday, March 1, 2022, the public sale will begin at 8am PST at a base price 0.03 ETH. (max 10)

When you join the GUGS family, you are securing a life long bond with 10,000 GUGS just like you. We created this community based project with the intent of making the biggest group of GUGS possible. The community comes first, which in turns drives value. Digital expansion, clothing line, comic books, IRL meet ups, $GUGS coin, exclusive rights to artwork, exclusive invites to the GRUMPY PUGS metaverse where you can stake land, setup shop, sell art and merch prior to public launch. The Grumpy Pugs movie script has already been completed and has been pitched to a number of movie studios, and on and on. Our road map is quarterly based, with new and innovative goals and roadmap each quarter term.

We do, it’s in the section just above this one. Please note, unlike other projects, we don’t want to use prizes and promises as a crutch on why you should mint Grumpy Pugs. The community drives our value and our goals, Instead, we will surprise our GUGS family with prizes, charity events, etc. along the way!

Minting a Grumpy Pug gets you 1 awesome PFP, a ticket to all of our events, access to conferences (both virtual and live), exclusive rights to the art work, early access to our merch, metaverse, and a role in the Grumpy Pugs movie, as well as a pass to all things announced in any of our roadmap releases!

Stephanie said that we should spell this out in simple steps instead of a short blurb here. So, we added this below to be extra helpful… 👇

Ok, How Do I Buy One?

Here are the simple steps on what you need to do to get your Grumpy Pug NFT.

  1. Download the extension on your browser
  2. Purchase Ethereum from various exchanges, such as Coinbase or Binance
  3. Send Ethereum from this exchange to your MetaMask wallet
  4. On launch day, click the buy now here on the website and select the number of NFTs you wish to mint.
  5. Click “MINT” button, Metamask will popup asking for connection
  6. Confirm the transaction and any associated fees
  7. Once you have made your purchase, your NFTs will appear in your wallet and on OpenSea

For collaborations, partnerships, or investment

Grumpy Pugs is an Indigo Bay Ventures company
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